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Clark Cars & Vans general information

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What is included in the Price?

Before you take delivery of your purchase it will  be serviced and a new M.O.T. given (Only if less than 9 months remain) have a full safety check carried out by a independent garage and come complete with a comprehensive warranty. 

For full information regarding vehicle safety please follow these links; Tyres ExplainedMOT's explained & Tyre Safety


How can I purchase a vehicle from Clark Cars & Vans.

You can purchase your new car from us in any of the following ways Cash, Building Society Cheque,  Bankers Draft or we can accept most Credit and Debit Cards. (Unfortunately if paying by Credit Card we ask the cardholder to reimburse charges). If you are considering Part Exchange please bring your vehicle with you along with the vehicle registration document, M.O.T. and service history book. We will not give Part Exchange valuations over the phone under any circumstances. We regret that we will not be able to accept your car in Part Exchange  if you are not in possession of the Vehicle registration document. Latest government legislation will not allow us or you to tax your car without the V5 registration document.


In order to drive a car legally you will require Motor Insurance. To obtain an insurance quote all the information you require is listed on the car's page. We have also provided the insurance group rating for each car. This is a number from 1 to 20.The higher this number the greater the cost to insure the car. Car insurance is expensive and it is worth phoning around to obtain the best quote. For a No obligation quote try Quote Line Direct. There are 3 levels of car insurance available and these are detailed below.

Fully Comprehensive.

This is the best level of cover. It will pay out for damage to the third parties car as well as your own regardless of who's fault the accident is. It will also pay out if your car catches on fire or is stolen.

Third Party Fire and Theft.

Will provide a lower level of cover than comprehensive. Will pay out for damage to a third parties car if involved in a accident. Will also pay out if your car catches on fire or is stolen.

Third Party only.

Provides the lowest legal level of cover and will only pay out to a third party.

Road Tax.

Another cost to consider when purchasing a car is the Road Tax. We would be happy to quote you prior to purchase.

Visiting Academic's

We have in the past sold many car's to visiting academic's who need transport but are conscious of the cost. We do undertake to buy back your car at the end of your stay subject to it having been taken care of.



We look forward to welcoming old and new customers to Clark Cars & Vans and hope to be of service to you.